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Mixtape #5



With a mash-up DJ's mixtape, so much depends upon a perfect blend of songs colored with allusion, and bumping at the club. Especially bumping at the club. It's a fool's errand to strap on the headphones and quizzically dissect why the genre blenders and benders made the decision to mash-up one track with another (unless you're being paid a kingly sum to do so). Obviously, mixtapes are for boogieing down. Shaking your moneymaker. Dancing.


So how did blenderistas STV SLV and ABX do in the all-important funkengrooven department on Mixtape #5? Not bad considering they don't cherry-pick the most overplayed/well-known tracks in popular music from the past 30 years: I'm looking at you Girl Talk. That said I muffed up and sat in a room puzzling away with Monster Beats® by Dr. Dre ensconcing my ears. Sure, I bit my bottom lip and got my Molly Ringwald on now and again, but I never heard one of those "Eureka!" moments that mash-ups can offer when two or more seemingly incongruous numbers meld into a joyous, revelatory musical marriage replete with "zooma-zoom-zoom-zooms and a boom-booms" and Fugazi bass-lines. Mixtape #5 could use more revelations, more unveilings.

The Hood Internet plays the Top Hat Wednesday, April 20, at 10 PM with Shapers and Sick Kids XOXO. $12/$10 advance.


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