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The Hunting Accident



Beginning with the dank-a-dank-dank-dank of piano on "Hot Drum," The Hunting Accident power pops and locks into a galore of beguiling, well-honed hooks made sturdy with crackerjack musicianship and adroit arrangements. I know what you're thinking, music lovers: "Geez, writer-dude, that's pretty hyperbolic prose." Perhaps, but that doesn't undo the facts. Besides, isn't it nice to know that in 2011 a ragamuffin band of fellas can still put together a track like "Anyway?" A bouncy, happy rhythm section plugs along as vocalist Nate Greeley sings "I'm gonna burn your building down tonight" à la Ben Folds or Crowded House's Tim Finn. Of course, said fellas are well-seasoned players who during the past decade cut their teeth in power pop outfits Arlo (which once included local musician/studio owner Shmedly Maynes) and Piebald. No doubt some fans of the former bands may find THA a scosh too poppy with all the piano and synth work. Those same folks probably insist that the Dez Cadena-fronted Black Flag is the paramount version of that group. But I digress.


The forthcoming THA seven-inch reveals paradisiacal radio-ready pop songs that aren't cookie-cutter clones. Yet, in one iteration or another, I've heard THA's numbers before. Certainly that's no accident.

The Hunting Accident plays the Palace Saturday, July 30, at 9 PM with Secret Powers, Voodoo Horseshoes and the Be Helds. $5.


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