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The Living Sisters

Run For Cover



The Living Sisters—who are not sisters but, as of press time, remain in good health—are justifiably proud of their voices. The precise harmonies on "Can You Get to That?," from their EP Run for Cover, which releases on Jan. 8, are vivid and aggressive in the mix, hovering between the headphones at a distance roughly three inches behind the listener's frontal lobe. They sound good, but it's the rhythm that makes the track great. Kick, tambourine and claps lag indolently behind the beat, with a barely audible bassline to anchor it all. The result is a study in pixie soul, like if Tegan and Sara went to Bible school instead of Wellesley.

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Also there is Caucasian blues guitar of the lip-biting variety. This is presumably one of the "country elements" promised in the promotional materials, and it worries me. It is the only pat component in an otherwise inspired arrangement, and it doesn't belong. Still, if such touches prove to be the predictable features of an otherwise inspired covers album, the listener will come out way ahead. Playing other people's songs is fun. The Living Sisters have fun playing "Can You Get to That?," and the head bobs along accordingly.

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