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The Meligrove Band

Shimmering Lights



The Meligrove Band earns a lot of comparisons to Tokyo Police Club. That's a bit odd, given that the group is older than its Canadian brethren by almost 10 years. But fair enough: They're both Ontario acts that produce energetic pop albums. To my ear, however, The Meligrove Band is a little bit darker, a little bit more subdued and a little bit more reflective. In short, you can hear those extra years in the music.


Not that this is rocking chair music. No, sir. The band's fourth album has its rowdy moments sometimes approaching dangerously close to rambunctious. Primarily a guitar-driven album with plenty of support from keys and warbled stabs of synth, the strongest songs are all but guaranteed to make you wiggle one appendage or another to the beat in a publicly embarrassing display.

Although the record is not necessarily dark as a rule, it does benefit from grounding moments of gravity. "Bones Attack!!", for instance, might have come across as cutesy were it not for a weird dash of morbidity. Like the oft-compared Tokyo Police Club, there's plenty to bob your head to here. It just bobs with less reckless abandon.

The Meligrove Band plays the Top Hat Tuesday, Oct. 26, at 9 PM, with Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band. Cover TBA.


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