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The Republic Tigers

Keep Color


The Republic Tigers’ music is the soundtrack of teen angst performed on a nighttime road trip across a moonscape littered with 1980s nightclubs.

“Buildings and Mou-ntains,” the first single, is dub-inspired pop that calls to mind Ace of Base or Toto. A Goth-chick at heart, I prefer “Golden Sand,” a song that could easily be a lost Joy Division or Bauhaus track.

In “Feelin’ the Future” and “Weatherbeaten” the electro-cool vibe balances the Peter Murphy singing style, and the lyrics wander through a teenage dreamland where constant motion is the only rule.

Describing The Republic Tigers, reviewers often use the word “majestic,” and with reason. Unfortunately, this album progresses from that polished and catchy sound to slightly boring by the second half.

Keep Color is the first album to be released by Chop Shop, the brainchild of TV music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas (“The O.C.”). Given the source, I’m not surprised that the best songs are front-loaded, the better to catch the attention of a flighty downloader. Reminiscent of Snow Patrol, only more sexy and futuristic, this is a soundtrack to life, especially if your life exists in TV-land and you just had a coming-of-age moment.

The Republic Tigers play the Palace Thursday, April 2, at 9 PM with Stien and Ello. $5.

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