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The Runs



My first impression of British Columbia punk band The Runs wasn't good. The first Google result for it is Myspace. How retro! On the Myspace page in question, the band describes itself as "working class guys who love their backcountry, playing down-home punk rock." The lead singer "continues to shape the local folklore with his ballads of big hucks and knee deep powder." The first song is called "Curling," and it is about curling.

The Runs hails from Fernie, a ski town of about 4,800, and the members appear to be ski enthusiasts. Because if there's anything that's punk rock, it's getting up early, spending a lot of money on fancy gear and enjoying a wholesome physical activity.

(I maybe have a grudge against skiing, since the only time I tried it was disastrous. My family watched the video of me falling down and laughed and laughed.)

The Runs' music, judging by the low-quality songs streaming on Myspace, is fairly derivative rock that a stage presence can make or break. A less cranky reviewer might say this band sounds like some lovable goofs. But you can't convince me skiing has any place in punk rock.

The Runs play the Badlander, along with Them Teasters, Fri., Jan. 11, at 9 PM. $5.

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