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The Tattle Tales

Moon Glasses



The Tattle Tales' MySpace motto is: "Pop is not a dirty word." I don't think it's a dirty word either, though it still depends on how you slice it. On the New York City-based band's new EP, Moon Glasses, the load of power pop punk gives songs an easy-listening sparkle. "Maybe There's No Point" seems a bit, uh, pointless considering it doesn't ask anything new. Still, it's a nice less-than-30 second intro to a record full of slightly more interesting points and questions.


"Feelin' All Dave Mustain" sticks out as the best track of all, mostly because of its reference to the Megadeth lead guitarist in an otherwise standard lament about breaking up. "She's Smiling," feels like a mid-episode song for former WB show "The OC." "The OC" isn't a dirty word either, by the way: Bands like The Shins and Band of Horses have all made it on the show forequally angsty pop-perfect tunes.

Lead singer Christian Stefos embraces sticky sweet harmonies that evoke monster ballads of the late-1980s Bad English era, which is easy for some of us to appreciate for nostalgia's sake. The EP shows expertise, though more Dave Mustain storylines would give it a little more kick.

The Tattle Tales plays the Zootown Arts Community Center Sunday, August 8, at 8 PM, with Candy Land Liberation Front and The Hardagains. $5.


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