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The Trashies

Space Jam



Space Jam is the latest offering from the godfathers of Northwest trashcore (NWTC, suckers!) The Trashies. After a multiple year hiatus these dirty dogs return with an impressive album that reeks of spilled PBR, weed smoke and dirty laundry. I have to admit that back in the early days of the band I wasn't entirely sold, but it didn't take more than an impressively sweaty and destructive show or two for me to stop worrying, and love The Trashies.


The 11 tracks clock in at well under 30 minutes and while there's a clunker or two scattered throughout, the end result is nothing less than solid. "Paved Reality" is a Pere Ubu-esque earworm that smacks of apocalyptic anxiety. The Bo Diddley beat behind "Destroy" makes me want to do exactly that—but in a calm, calculated manner. It's a weird feeling. While many a band has failed at attempts to dub out, the tense echoes of "Bugsmoker" work here. The stop-and-go trashcore anthem "White Mold" is bound to inspire a few fists in the air when these dudes get trashed at Total Fest X. Don't miss it.

The Trashies play Total Fest X Saturday, August 20. Go to for more info on the festival.


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