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The Trucks


The Trucks
The Trucks
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The early 21st century was the era of “electroclash,” a ridiculous marketing term for a resurgence of ‘80s electro, old-school analog production and high-fashion posturing. It’s also the time period when the four women who comprise The Trucks were forming their band in Bellingham. And while they’re admittedly influenced by their contemporaries—Peaches, Anna Oxygen, Fanny Pack— on this debut they deftly combine brashness with a skilled musicianship common to Northwest rocker chicks.

Kristin Allen-Zito’s smooth voice infuses a similar confidence throughout the album, whether she’s taunting those who “can’t keep your pretty hands off me” in “Shattered,” or asking, “If this was the end, would you die not dancing?” in “Zombie.” “Titties” is a fantastic face-off with unsatisfying lovers, opening with some suggestive panting and driven by a mean bass line and macho guitar riffs. “You need some lessons on how to get me off,” they advise at the hand-clap-filled end. No wonder they thank “all the boys who’ve let us break their hearts” in the liner notes.

Like W.I.T., whose fleetingly popular 2003 album showcased a steamy sensuality, The Trucks pepper their debut with raucous come-ons. But more like fellow Northwesterners The Gossip, the Trucks don’t do “Whatever It Takes”—they just do whatever they want. (Rachel Shimp)

The Trucks play Total Fest Saturday, Aug. 11, at 9 PM at the Badlander.

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