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The Underground Railroad to Candyland

Knows Your Sins



A few years back I caught an Underground Railroad to Candyland show in San Diego, not too far from the band's native San Pedro. I was in a bit of a mid-tour haze and most bands we'd played with failed to leave a lasting impression. URTC main man and Recess Records honcho Todd Congelliere had been kind enough to get us on a packed bill and we spent the early evening asking every dude that wandered in, "Are you Todd?" That question became a running inside joke on every subsequent tour, mostly because after meeting him and seeing the best show of the tour, we all felt like a-holes for not knowing him on sight.


Knows Your Sins is a skewed slab of mostly sun-dappled punk rock from these Pedro scene vets. "Animals! Run!" vacillates perfectly between creeping minimalism and distorto-surf. "2010" is an instrumental made for that drunken slow dance with whomever you can drag out on the floor. After the initial listen, "Bitter" and "Stop Crying Kid" will have you singing along whether you want to or not. This is a damn fine record. Don't be an a-hole; go see Todd and his crew at Total Fest X. It might be a while before they're back.


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