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The Whigs

Mission Control


Being categorized as a “pop” band carries all sorts of unfair and ugly connotations. But what’s wrong with catchy guitar riffs, loud drums and concise lyrics? Not a thing if all the pieces fit.

Introducing The Whigs, a trio of tight-jeaned, shaggy-haired, mid-20s rockers out of Athens, Ga., who successfully fit all the pop rock pieces together on their ATO debut, Mission Control.

From beginning to end, The Whigs plunk out tunes that sidestep the abyss of forgotten fluff. Whether it’s the driving punk chords in opener “Like a Vibration,” the psychedelic inclinations of “Sleep Sunshine,” or the forceful yet snug harmonies of the title track, they offer surprising variety. Any fears of The Whigs becoming yet another one-hit-wonder taking listeners on a merry-go-round of sameness has been squashed out of the box.

On “Right Hand on My Heart,” lead singer Parker Gispert belts, “We got your money, now we’ll make a new start.” The Whigs already scored the record deal, but let’s hope there’s more than just a start from this promising young band. (Kelsey Bernius)

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