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The Whoopass Girls

The Whoopass Girls



First off these girls are boys. A trio of under-agers whose tenderfootedness is as much a blessing as it is a hindrance. Because we like these boys it means we will not go easy on them. The recording is a self-produced, lo-fi affair chock full of questionable tuning and time-keeping, which, in the band's own words, is "about being awesome, eating pizza and losing our hearing."

Jokes aside, there is maturity in vocalist/guitarist Ethan Uhl's songwriting that belies any technical issues one may have with the album. He captures the angst of youth without cloying clichés. In "Memorial" he sings of the emotional burden of desire with quiet aplomb: "Last summer I was in love with a girl / Now this summer I'm in love with another one / I hope next summer that I'm alone / 'Cause I don't wanna be in love with anyone." The meandering morose vocal line, noisy crescendo and quiet dénouement are reminiscent of J. Mascis or Mission of Burma (look 'em up, Millennials).


"Sunrise," notable for its lack of chorus and Uhl's wrenching squelched scream, is the kind of track a band with nothing to lose would record, and the kind of gamble we could use more of.

The Whoopass Girls play a pajama party at the Zootown Arts Community Center Friday, September 30 at 8 PM with I Like Girls and Cat Heaven. $5 donation or free if you wear pajamas.


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