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Consider the art on Tidal Horn's new album: A yeti, its mouth bloodied from biting a mountain goat, waves the rock horns. On the back cover: A creature with a skull for a head, devil horns and mermaid body hoists a severed head. In other words, Tidal Horn enjoys glorious over-the-topness. Last year, the Indy picked Tidal Horn for Missoula's Best New Band, and this album bolsters that decision.

The first track, "Yeti," sounds like an epic Viking journey through stormy seas and ice-capped mountains. But the Missoula band is flexible. "Burn It Down," at least in the beginning, evokes UK garage rock, then slithers into a momentary mathy breakdown before it winds back into a Sabbath-like metal realm.

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Guitarists Kyle McCann and Sam Kaley boldly go haywire with their guitar solos on almost every track. Kaley's disciplinarian vocals, especially on "Line Em Up," are delightfully slow-burning, even when he's barking commands. Plus, there's a sweet hint of mocking charm. "Dead Ridge" kicks off with an amazing and sort of hilarious hawk-like falsetto scream. I don't mean it's silly, I mean it's awesomely outrageous in a Dio kind of way. Tales of mythical beasts and other lore involving flashing daggers and boiling tides deserve nothing less.

Tidal Horn plays a CD release party at the Palace Sat., May 5, at 9 PM with Bacon & Egg and Red Carpet Devils. $5.


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