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The Tornavox catalog is not deep, consisting of one recent five-song EP on Spotify and a handful of YouTube show videos. The Mexico City band does not have a Wikipedia page. They do have a Twitter feed, though, consisting of declarations about how great their band is, plus aphorisms like "Siempre será difícil perseguir un rayo de luz." ("It will always be difficult to chase a ray of light.")


Maybe my hope is conspiring with my imperfect Spanish here, but I think that is awesome. It helps that the first song on Biolumínico, "Transparente," is a pop-metal banger in the most accessible tradition of the Mars Volta. The rest of the album is a bit more restrained, but it provides four more up-tempo rock songs that are as driving and jubilant as any Killers single, but much cooler, by virtue of being in Spanish.

The production is crystal clear, and no track lasts longer than four minutes. What we have here is a rock band in its infancy that is obviously ambitious but somehow disciplined. That's a rarity anywhere.


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