The Underwater Fascist
Global Seepej Records

Everything in the world is derivative, but somehow Bozeman’s Touchers manage to lasso a sound that feels like its own heavenly confection of rock ’n’ roll.  The band’s third album, The Underwater Fascist, has a kick of western country, a swig of punk and a slathering of ’50s diner rock salted to hell with sass.

Slithering storytelling tempers throaty screams from guitarist and vocalist Ben Brisini, who’s also the band’s songwriter. It’s a combination that evokes Frank Black without sounding like an imitation; Brisini is his own monstrous creation, inhabiting his own eccentric world.  From the kickoff of the tenderly serpentine “Aphrodite Has Gone Mad” through sulphurous songs like “77”, The Underwater Fascist remains as solid as gravity and as spectacular as a circus freakshow. Gems like “The Mattress Song” and “Do the New Plague, Baby” are as crafty as any song offered up by any cult band, the Pixies not excluded.

While Touchers’ previous album, Pretty Baby, also peddled powerful compositions, The Underwater Fascist’s lineup is even more cohesive. Despite quoting anarchist Emma Goldman on the album cover, Touchers are no one else’s revolutionaries on this album, devoid of familiar dogma and imbued with transcendent tunes. (Erika Fredrickson)

Touchers perform Thursday, April 19, at 9:30 PM with Green Milk from the Planet Orange, Mosquito Bandito and Riddilin Que. $7.

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