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Turtle duds

Travolta and Newton-John do it again


In a recent interview on the tubes, Olivia Newton-John asks a pertinent question: “How can you talk sensibly with reindeer antlers on your head?” Of course you can’t, but that’s why silly goose and longtime musical cohort John Travolta had slipped them onto her noggin. Billed as the follow-up to the wildly popular karaoke standard, “You’re the One That I Want,” the holiday homecoming duet “I Think I Like It” is filled with the same sort of mirth, sensibility be damned.

With a just a bit of country twang, Travolta’s voice never fails to remind you of a ninth-place “American Idol” finisher. He threatens, “I’m coming home tonight / Here comes that magical spell of Christmas Eve / There’s nothing you can do.” His words tumble forth in the manner of a creepy coworker massaging your shoulders at the company Christmas party while whispering “How good does that feel?” Newton-John’s voice still resonates, particularly during the clap-filled breakdown when she breathlessly hints at what it might be like to be Kelly Preston, Travolta’s wife, “And then we’re gonna hide away / Making love all night / And we can cry tomorrow / Watching It’s a Wonderful Life.”


Things are a bit more awkward on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” as Travolta tries to get back to his mother and father rather than hang with a stone fox named “Liv.” Based on the amount of sonorous giggling and cooing, it’s likely that the duo rubbed noses in the studio booth as they recorded this gooey rendition. It’s too bad for this pair of turtle duds that there isn’t a vocal-chord equivalent to Botox.


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