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Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend EP


Vampire Weekend is a wicked tease—the musical equivalent of Jessica Alba in Into the Blue, or maybe worse. Because for nine minutes, or three songs, this ultra-hyped Big Apple quartet—The New York Times, for one, deemed them 2007’s most impressive band…without even hearing a full album—offers up some seriously infectious cross-genre party music worthy of the buzz.

Vampire Weekend is Afrobeat polyrhythms and indie-pop hooks, with occasional nods to ska and New Wave. And yet iTunes says Vampire Weekend is simply “world music.” Whatever. The lyrics are smart (these are Ivy League grads, after all) and the collective sound, underlined by the lazy vocals of guitarist Ezra Koenig, is tailor-made for summer revelry. “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” sounds like The Kinks covering Paul Simon’s Graceland. “A-Punk”—all 137 seconds of it—could be a collaboration between The Police and The Strokes. And “Oxford Comma” is what Pavement might sound like with guitar fills from Ernest Ranglin.

The only complaint is this EP’s so painfully short, it’s hard to feel confident affirming so many lofty claims. We need a live show for that, which makes Vampire Weekend’s upcoming date one of the more tantalizing tour stops of the summer.

Vampire Weekend plays the Badlander Monday, July 23, at 9 PM, with BOAT, Victory Smokes and Good Neighbor Policy. $3.

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