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All in the Family


On this 19-track compilation, Wapikiya Records offers locally flavored gangsta rap that’s heavy on bragging rights, tales of street life and partying hard. In fact, ardent fans of 50 Cent, Eazy-E and The Game will find something to gnaw on with this release. But if you’ve never been particularly fond of those rappers, All in the Family probably won’t suit your tastes since it’s so closely linked to that style.

The gangsta rap influence comes across strongest on cuts like “A Hood Day”—aka, a weekday that includes bottles of malt liquor, a game of craps and late-night sex—or on tracks like “She’s on Fiya,” an ode to strippers. This compilation meanders into broader lyrical territory, too, such as the loss of friends (“Pour A Lil Liquor”) and supporting American troops (“American Soldier”), but it’s mostly situated in the traditional gangsta realm.

Overall, All in the Family’s various artists—including Overtime, Frodie, Pookie and Young Jay—demonstrate honed lyrical styles, even if they often rely too heavily on cliché themes. But if you like this kind of hip hop and don’t mind predictable content, you’ll probably be entertained.

Artists from All in the Family play the Top Hat on Saturday, May 16, at 10 PM. Cover TBA.

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