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Drink Drank Drunk


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With a wall of distorted guitars and a classic cowpunk groove, VTO's latest EP kicks off with the kind of tunes that make you crave a trip to the local demo derby, Busch Light in one hand, Camel filter in the other. "Shitfire!" is reminiscent of early to mid-'90s Supersuckers—but that's no surprise as guitarist and lead vocalist Charlie Beaton wrote these tracks back when "The Humpty Dance" was all the rage, only recently recording them with the reunited VTO.

Tracks like "Astronaut Rock" evoke the Vandals and Social Distortion, but the well-rehearsed backing vocals and tasty organ licks help create a sound that is more VTO's than simply an homage to punk rock favorites.

The title track best flexes VTO's muscle. It begins with a butt-rock-style slow blues riff that says you are gonna groove with that girl by the jukebox, but surprises with a jump right into the hooky chorus (featuring a lesson in imperfect and perfect tense use) that boasts the spifferific addition of Mary Jo Reynolds' vocals.

VTO has taken care of business by recording these "lost tracks." With a new album already in the works, hopefully we ain't seen nothing yet from this group of Missoula music veterans.


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