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American Weekend



An old friend of mine had a playlist called "SLEEP," though I don't think it ever worked, maybe because she was missing Waxahatchee. The solo folk act also known as Katie Crutchfield is a good soundtrack to being under covers, lying in bed. More than lullabies, American Weekend is full of songs about getting married at 15, blurry nights and bathtubs, all delivered with a wistful young voice and a few lightly strummed chords.


But there's a tendency to mistake sleepy for boring, which is not the case. Check out this line, which came as a surprise halfway through the album: "We'll buy beer to shotgun, we'll lay in the lawn..." Get those power chords out of your head, punk; the song is delivered through excited high chords played like she just discovered them. Plus a tambourine. A totally awesome and necessary tambourine. The album ends with a piano and some of her strongest vocals when she sings: "I have Waxahatchee Creek ... and we'll never speak again."

Waxahatchee plays Zoo City Apparel Sun., July 8, at 8 PM. $5.


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