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Weir Creek Hot Springs is a well-kept secret we shouldn’t even be posting online just to keep it that way. But, you deserve to treat yourself in a long, hot, steaming soak in the middle of wilderness. If you can make it along the trail, that is.

The spring has a small, easy-to-miss parking lot near mile marker 141 on Highway 12. Then, a 1.5-mile trail along the river takes you up to the secluded rock pool, which overlooks the river and Clearwater National Forest canyon. The trail can be treacherous, though, especially in the winter. A thick layer of snow rests on an even thicker layer of ice. At one point, the trail disappears entirely into the river and you must hug a rock face to get past dry. It makes for an exciting adventure with a rich reward! It’s been called “some of the sketchiest leg-breaking alpine terrain.” There is a higher trail that promises a calmer, less thrilling route. Just so ya know. And after that hike, it’s just one more steep, slippery pitch up to the spring.

Despite the seclusion and pain-in-the-ass factor, Weir is still a popular hang-out that’s rarely empty. But it’s a nice-sized pool that can fit about seven to ten comfortably. A hot water stream trickles down the boulders above the pool, feeding into it. Dark firs crowd around the pool. It’s easy to never want to leave again.

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