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Whiskey Blanket



Rappers who are also white face a technical dilemma: If they enunciate sharply they risk the singsong cadence that defines bad hip hop—q.v. "The Super Bowl Shuffle"—but if they blur their enunciation they sound like an offensive caricature of black speech. This is no small problem, and it's why so many white emcees become fast rappers. As Whiskey Blanket demonstrates, you can cheat it if you're going fast. "Necessity," for example, expresses the hope to "see my tax dollars be effectively used / so my less fortunate countrymen get some shelter and food." I defy you to say that aloud in 4/4 time anywhere between 80 and 100 beats per minute.

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So Whiskey Blanket is not a flow act. They are a consciousness act, and like most consciousness acts they hope to create a more equitable society thro-ugh the kicking of knowledge. That's an admirable goal for hip hop, even if it's not as popular or fun as explaining how you have so much money that it's made you emotionally unavailable to women. Their loops are familiar and a lot of rhymes end with "is," but Whiskey Blanket is fighting the good fight.

Whiskey Blanket plays Monk's Bar Friday, Jan. 13, and Saturday, Jan. 14, at 9 PM with Peace Officer. $3.


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