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Missoula's Needlecraft plays sweet, surfy rock



Hearken back to any recent shows and it's pretty evident that the Missoula scene lacks a gender balance. It could be described as a sausage fest. Luckily, Missoula's lo-fi rock band Needlecraft has returned from its five-month hiatus, bringing some women to the stage with a vengeance. The all-female trio went into the recording studio last May and the result, a self-titled album from Wäntage, is catchy, punchy and worthy of more than a few shimmies. [Editor's note: the band is now a quartet, with three women and one dude.]

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Imagine this line over washed-out surf rock chords: "Now that I'm home, all the tacos are gone and I am alone." Even better: "He's doing something with his junk, gross!" Needlecraft is like your favorite observational comic: Lyrics come from the everyday and ordinary, and in just two minutes become an adventure of their own. The riffs are simple, the drums stick to the same fast upbeat, but the background vocal harmonies really do the trick to keep the listener hooked.

While it could be easy to compare the band to Best Coast or Cults, there's something about Needlecraft's casualness that defies hype or headiness. Call me old-fashioned, but it sounds like something you'd only hear out of a basement show in Missoula.

Needlecraft plays a record release show at the Ole Beck VFW with BFFs, Oll Breds, J. Sherri and Bad Naked on Sat., March 23, at 9 PM. $2.

This story was updated March 18 to reflect the band's lineup change from when it recorded its album to now.

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