Wyant Peak Image

One has to wonder why this, one of the six loftiest highpoints surrounding the Canyon Creek Cirque—called Wyant Peak (8,578’) because of its location above Wyant Lake—is not climbed more often.

 While hiking into the Canyon Cirque, Wyant Peak is first visible part way up the switchbacks as the trail climbs toward its apex on the north side of the canyon wall. Seen even before Canyon Peak, the steep and slabby northwest and northeast faces of this summit attract the eye and give rise to thoughts of inaccessibility. It’s much farther along the route before the trained eye is able to recognize the weakness in the cirque’s south rim which allows access to this peak’s summit.

Begin from the Canyon Creek Trailhead and follow the long-establish trail to the apex of the trail before and above Canyon Lake. Leave the trail and traverse westward below Romney Ridge Highpoint. Pass the obvious saddle on the north ridge and begin a long, slow turn toward Wyant Lake. From the lake, climb the wide couloir to the large notch on the south rim of the cirque. From the notch, scramble east to the summit.

—Michael Hoyt

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